Renewable Energy

Much of the renewable energy the world needs is underneath and shining down and blowing past the City of Ridgecrest. Ridgecrest is the ideal location for power generation from geo-thermal, solar and wind.


Desert! That kind of sums it up. Ridgecrest is in the Mojave Desert at the entrance to Death Valley. Saying that we have abundant sunshine is a profound understatement.

Whether you are seeking to build solar farms for power generation or building cells or panels, Ridgecrest is perfect for your needs. With over 300 days of sunshine every year, Ridgecrest is able to help companies turn sunlight into money, whether it is to power their own plant or to sell power into the grid.

Because of its central location to millions acres of sun-drenched lands and California’s renewable energy mandates, Ridgecrest is an ideal location for manufacturing and distribution of solar power related equipment and installation services.


The northern border of the City is China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station. During the 1960’s, Dr. Carl Austin lobbied the Navy to use the geothermal energy of the Coso Volcanic Field, located on the Air Station grounds, to generate electricity. In 1977, studies and work began. Today, the field produces 270 MW from four geothermal plants.

The same assets that made Dr. Austin advocate for the Coso Volcanic Field are available just under the surface in Ridgecrest. Not only are there acres and acres of land available, but most of that land is ideal for geo-thermal development.

The State of California supports renewable energy development with incentives and tax credits. The City of Ridgecrest assists with its own customized packets of incentives, tax abatements and procedural streamlining.

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