If that is part of your business’ daily activities, Ridgecrest, California is perfect for you.

China Lake Navy Air Weapons Station has been making big explosions near Ridgecrest for generations. Many of the U.S. Navy’s most formidable weapons were created within earshot of Ridgecrest since World War II.

The residents of Ridgecrest welcome all types of combustible industries:

FireworksFireworks manufacturing and storage – Ridgecrest’s vast lands and thousands of acres of easily developed tracts make building a safe and viable fireworks factory easy. The city is able to help with incentives and financing assistance for job creation and development.

Ammunition manufacturing and storage – The large expanses of land make an ammunition facility a simple endeavor in Ridgecrest. With thousands of Navy personnel mustering out in and around Ridgecrest, many with military weapons development training, there is a workforce here like no other. Look here for more details on our unique workforce.

Firearms manufacturing – Despite the myths, California is a firearms-friendly state. Laws in place to make weapons safer don’t restrict sales. In fact, Californians bought over 800,000 firearms each of the last three years. Manufacturing firearms in a state with 38.8 million people can be a very lucrative endeavor and Ridgecrest welcomes your company. In fact, the City is able to provide plenty of land for testing and development. Don’t believe the hype; Ridgecrest welcomes firearms manufacturers.

Ridgecrest’s unique assets for combustibles industries:

Workforce – Every year, nearly 70,000 highly trained, highly motivated naval personnel muster out in and around Ridgecrest. These sailors have received the very best educations in the world. With China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station on Ridgecrest’s northern border, the city has the absolute finest minds in combustible technologies in the world, bar none.

Space – Ridgecrest sits in the Mojave Desert at the entrance to Death Valley. There are thousands of acres within the city limits and millions bordering the city that are ideal for combustible projects. Because of the nature of China Lake and the personnel in the air, there is lots of local support for these industries.

Local government support – Ridgecrest has a government leadership that is willing to put its money where its mouth is. With incentives and tax abatements, as well as assistance moving through certifications and licensing, the City of Ridgecrest is the most business-friendly location in all of Southern California.

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