The City of Ridgecrest is the ideal location for biomass production and energy creation.

In 2014, 6,257 gigawatt hours of electricity were produced via biomass conversion in California. Presently, the State of California has 132 waste-to-energy plants that produce almost 1,000 megawatts of power.

Ridgecrest is ideally located to provide an industry-friendly environment and millions of tons of feedstock for power generation and pelletizing facilities.

Easy Air Quality Standards

Ridgecrest, due to its location on the Mojave Desert and between two mountain ranges, has very good air quality consistently. This means that new facilities in Ridgecrest are competing with other businesses for the right to discharge gases. The City of Ridgecrest is well equipped to assist biomass energy production facilities with clearing all environmental hurdles.

Municipal Waste

The City of Los Angeles, just 1.5 hours away, produces 20,000 tons of waste every day. 16,000 tons of waste per day are simply dumped into the City’s various landfills. This doesn’t account for millions more people in the areas around LA. Much of this waste is available to the right project to be converted to biomass pellets or incinerated to create electricity. Transporting it to Ridgecrest is helped by low traffic and year-round highways leading from LA to Ridgecrest.

Lumber Waste

Logging in the Sierra Nevada mountain range dates back to the days of the California Gold Rush. Gone are the days of wanton logging. Today, there is a clear understanding of the value of this resource and the importance of managing it will. Each year, millions of tons of timber are removed from Sequoia National Forest, just west of Ridgecrest. All of that creates timber waste suitable for pelletizing or incinerating to produce electricity.


Ridgecrest is at the Southern edge of California’s agriculture belt, a region that produces 15% of the nation’s food supply. All of that agricultural activity creates waste. There is also a huge amount of waste created by farm animals in the areas around Ridgecrest. A massive opportunity exists to retrieve that waste and use it generate electricity or pelletize it for sale to consumers in California and other regions of the country.

More information on biomass at the state level is available here:

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