Advanced Manufacturing

An advanced and highly technical manufacturing facility requires some fundamental things:AdvancedMan

• A well-educated workforce
• Inexpensive energy
• A stable environment
• Easy distribution

The City of Ridgecrest has all of these things.


Each year, over 70,000 highly trained military personnel are mustered out in and around Ridgecrest. These American Heroes have received the finest educations in the world. They are trained in technologies that often are years ahead of civilian standards.

These disciplined Americans are ready to work for you. They are here and will walk through your door from the first day you decide to open up shop in Ridgecrest.


The City of Ridgecrest has more energy than almost anywhere in the US.

Geothermal – There is power to be harnessed from right under the ground.

Wind – The breezes that blow are perfect for making power for your plant.

Solar – The sun shines on this desert oasis nearly every day.

Biomass – Two huge forests create millions of tons of wood waste.

Post-agriculture waste – From animal waste to vegetable by-products, Ridgecrest is a short drive from one of the world’s most productive agricultural areas.

Post-consumer/industrial waste – There are over 15 million people and their businesses creating waste that is ripe for conversion to power for your plant.

Oil and gas – Ridgecrest and Kern County, California are the states leading producers of oil. The energy flows from the ground.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – Unmanned aircraft or drones are the future of military combat. Ridgecrest is able to provide the land and employees your company needs to develop new UAV technologies. Open air space and tons of local resources are what recommends Ridgecrest to these operations more than anywhere else in the US.


The City of Ridgecrest has been at the heart of advanced manufacturing and development since World War II. At China Lake Navy Air Weapons Station, Ridgecrest residents, both military and civilian have been developing weapons and aircraft for generations.

The City has been able to provide the training and environment to nurture young businesses and give mature businesses room to grow and thrive.

Easy Distribution

Over 15% of the population of the United States lives in California, with nearly 30% on the West Coast, within easy driving distance of Ridgecrest.

With over 15 million people in the Los Angeles area alone, there are thousands of distribution points for consumer goods, as well as companies for B2B oriented businesses.

The Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles and a dozen more give companies easy ingress and egress from the US for their goods to the East Coast, Southeast Asia and Europe. Every day, thousands of ships leave and arrive at these ports bringing raw materials and leaving with finished products for the entire planet.

If your business is Advanced Manufacturing, the City of Ridgecrest needs to be on your map.

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