Doing Business

Doing business in Ridgecrest, California is a money-making proposition.

From the city’s workforce to the availability of inexpensive energy to its logistical proximity-Ridgecrest is the ideal location for all types of business.


Ridgecrest is near the hub of some of the US’s largest military bases. China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station is on the city’s northern border and Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corps Base, Fort Irwin and Edwards Air Force Base are all within 200 miles of Ridgecrest. Click here to see more about Ridgecrest’s unique and talented workforce.


With hundreds of thousands of acres of agricultural land nearby and one of the world’s largest cities within an hour and half, Ridgecrest has more than enough feedstock to supply nearly any type of biomass plant. Whether the operation plans to make pellets to sell or wants to convert biomass directly to electricity, Ridgecrest is the ideal location. Click here to learn more about biomass in Ridgecrest.

Renewable Energy

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing and the earth is warm – There Is Energy Everywhere In Ridgecrest! There is energy everywhere in Ridgecrest. Solar, wind and geothermal energy are easily available anywhere in Ridgecrest. With California’s renewable energy mandates in place, manufacturing for these industries is ideal in our area of Southern California. Click here to learn more about renewable energy in Ridgecrest.


Since World War II things that go boom are always welcomed in Ridgecrest as it has been at the heart of weapons development in the United States. Today, Ridgecrest is ideally located for fireworks, firearms, ammunition and explosives manufacture. Click here to learn more.

Advanced Manufacturing

From high tech to medical devices, Ridgecrest is the perfect location for advanced manufacturing. With a workforce trained by the US military and lots of college educated professionals, Ridgecrest is able to provide every manufacturer with a great experience, centralized logistics and the world’s best workforce. Click here to learn more.

Ridgecrest is Southern California’s place to do business for every type of business.

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